If you’ve come here expecting to find a slot about whales, then you’re in for a surprise. King Cash-a-lot has nothing to do with cachalots. The stately monarch invites you to a feast in his castle, where you have the chance to net a large jackpot. This is one of the oldest progressive jackpot slots and can still be found in many online casinos. The graphics are a little dated of course, but the jackpots are not. Fans of straightforward gameplay meanwhile will be more than pleased with what they find here.

King Cashalot – Win a Huge Jackpot During the Feast

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Slot Rating:

  • Graphics: 4.0/5
  • Theme: 4.0/5
  • Features: 4.0/5

Overall Score: 4.0/5

Unique Features:

  • Progressive Jackpot
  • Treasure Bonus

Basic Info: Five Reels, 9 Adjustable Paylines, 15000x Max Win

If you want to find out more about King Cashalot, then you should take a look at the next sections of this review. We have played through the game – and read the rules, imagine that – so we have explained in detail everything you need to know about this slot. You will find info about the symbols, the payouts, the bet limits, and the Treasure Bonus that might surprise you pleasantly if you earn the dragon’s favour. You can also see how the graphics look with our free demo and find a list of alternative slot suggestions.

Demo Version of the Game

It is only natural that you might want to check out the game itself before committing to making actual wagers. We have provided a free demo just for this task, so you can personally see the visuals and the soundtrack that you will encounter in the full version. The slot takes us back to a time when online gambling was still a relatively new thing, and the first computer-based casino games were just appearing. The nostalgia factor is definitely one of the reasons our reviewers still play on this slot quite often.

King Cashalot – Win a Huge Jackpot During the Feast

Instant play

As you may have noticed, progressive jackpot slots are usually only available for real money play. There is a very simple reason for that – there is little point in playing one if you aren’t gunning for the big win. If you feel ready to try and net the jackpot, then you should do that at Royal Panda, our recommended venue for this slot. This casino offers some of the best terms for newcomers, and there is currently a hefty jackpot gathered for King Cashalot.

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King Cashalot Overview

Very little is known about King Cashalot and the kingdom over which he rules. He looks like a jolly fellow, with a stately wife, beautiful daughter, pet dragon – and tons and tons of cash, as the intro movie shows. The slot takes you to the King’s castle and surrounds you with a lavish medieval feast. There are 9 selectable paylines, but we would advise you to play with all 9 always active, since you need the last one to be eligible for the jackpot. The RTP is on the low side, of course, sitting at a little over 90.4%, but that’s only natural. To make up for their lavish jackpots, most progressive slots have to cut back on the features that favour the players.

Symbols and Payouts

In the castle of King Cashalot, there are no generic symbols – even the lowest paying ones are custom drawn pieces of food from the Royal feast. This means that the screen is always jolly and full of colour. The members of the Royal Family – the matronly Queen, the beautiful Princess and the gilded knight (who may or may not be a Prince) offer the best returns. There is also a scatter symbol – the jester, who naturally elects to sit outside the established hierarchy. The scatter awards you with a prize no matter whether it is part of a payline, and it is added to any regular line winnings. However, King Cashalot himself also makes an appearance on the reels, and definitely steals the cake. As befitting the head of the Royal family, he offers the biggest payouts, but also acts like a Wild – this means that he can substitute for any other symbol to form a winning combination.

King Cashalot – Win a Huge Jackpot During the Feast

  • Advantages:
  • Large Progressive Jackpot
  • Pick and Win Treasure Bonus
  • Low Wager Requirements
  • No Generic Images
  • Classic Gameplay
  • Microgaming Interface
  • Disadvantages:
  • Dated Graphics
  • Few Features
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The King symbol is also the key to unlocking the progressive jackpot in this slot. As you know, the prize pot can vary with different operators, but the network jackpot easily reaches several hundred thousand pounds. The King Cashalot Wilds bring you a reward of 15,000 times your wager if you manage to land five of them, but to claim the jackpot, they need to be arranged on payline 9. This is why it is always advisable to play with all paylines active – only the last one makes you eligible to win the grand prize! The maximum bet with all 9 paylines is only £2.25, while the minimal is 5 pence. This makes the slow ideal for low-rollers.

Treasure Bonus

We haven’t forgotten about the dragon, of course. The golden-scaled beast plays a prominent role in the game, as it is featured in the intro movie guarding the King’s treasure. The dragon can appear only on reels 2, 3 and 4. If you manage to get three of those special symbols, you are awarded a pick-and-win Treasure Bonus. You are presented with several chests, and get the chance to pick one of them, and receive the monetary prize inside. However, if you are not pleased with your chance, you have the option to discard the chest and the money in it, and choose an alternative – however, this can only be done up to two times, so there is a risk that you will draw a prize smaller than the first one.

  • King Cashalot – Win a Huge Jackpot During the Feast

    Five Wilds on the 9th Payline Win the Jackpot

  • King Cashalot – Win a Huge Jackpot During the Feast

    The Dragon and the King Are the Best Symbols

  • King Cashalot – Win a Huge Jackpot During the Feast

    King Cashalot Offers You a Toast for Each Victory

Unfortunately, this bonus can be rather elusive, as landing even a single dragon symbol is a rare feat. The prizes from the Treasure Bonus are nice, reaching 50 times your bet and above, but they won’t make or break this slot. As already mentioned, the progressive jackpot is the true big prize you should gun for. The rest of the features are simply nice additions that make the ride more pleasurable while you search for the true treasure.

No Mobile Version

Unfortunately, the classic slot hasn’t gotten the usual Microgaming mobile treatment – at least not yet. Things are sometimes a little more complicated with progressive jackpot slots, but the main factor preventing you from playing King Cashalot on your mobile devices is the age of the game. The slot has been around from the times when even playing through your PC was still relatively new, while gambling from the phone was considered a pipe dream.

Alternatives and Final Verdict

As you can imagine, since the time when the venerable King Cashalot first graced our screens, many newer titles have sprout, most of them improving upon the jolly castle. Age of the Gods for instance is a Playtech progressive jackpot slot with cutting edge graphics, while NetEnt’s Mega Fortune offers more flexible wagers with a max bet of £50. One of Playtech’s older games meanwhile – Captain’s Treasure – has a rather high RTP, because the progressive jackpot is integrated in a side game. You can learn more about these slots in the links provided below

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  • Play at: Mansion

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Age of the Gods

  • Rating: 4.7/5
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  • Play at: Ladbrokes

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Mega Fortunes

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  • Play at: LeoVegas

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King Cashalot is not a bad slot, it is simply dated. This actually makes it popular with some of our reviewers, because we often miss the fun times when online gambling was still finding its feet, and quite niche. The cartoonish graphics and the simple interface of King Cashalot bring us back to those years when the first online casinos were still exploring the gambling frontiers of the internet and bringing people together from al across the world. If you also wish to relieve those times, then give King Cashalot a few spins – who knows, you might just get lucky!

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